Wholesale seafood company Quality Seafood

Wholesaler of salt water and fresh water fish

Say Urk and the first thing that comes to mind is fish. Boasting the largest fish auction in Europe, Urk is the place for fresh fish. As wholesaler of salt water and fresh water fish we purchase our supplies daily at the auction.

Zalm bij zeevisgroothandel Quality Seafood Urk Kabeljauw bij zeevisgroothandel Quality Seafood Urk

Born and raised in Urk, we grew up with fish and have over forty years of experience in the fish industry. We are experts when it comes to purchasing fish. We supply top quality fish products to wholesalers, retailers and restaurants, in particular Asian restaurants.

All-round fish wholesalers

We are an all-round specialist in fish products. We supply any kind of fresh and frozen fish, as well as fish fillet. We own multiple licenses and are able to purchase directly from foreign fish auctions, allowing us to supply every type of North Sea or fresh water fish. If you wish, we can process the fish into fillets. Your fish purchase will be cleaned, filleted, and conveniently packaged and delivered, fresh or frozen.